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Food Protocals

It is important when baking, that you take the highest safety precautions.


Before baking, clean surfaces. Germs that cause food poisoning may live in your kitchen so it is imperative that your surfaces and equipment are clean. Also, before you begin, you should wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water. Always wash your hands after handling eggs and uncooked poultry (chicken, seafood, etc.)



When grocery shopping, ensure to separate raw and uncooked meat away from other foods. Ensure that no package of food that you purchase has been ripped or opened. Also, eggs and other poultry should be kept refrigerated. Use different tools for different ingredients. For example, if you are cracking eggs in a bowl, that bowl should not be used for pre-made frosting. Do not wash uncooked poultry and eggs. This can spread germs throughout your ingredients and kitchen.



Make sure that all of your food is cooked thoroughly by utilizing a cooking thermometer. To do so, you will need a thermometer. This is because you cannot tell if a food is thoroughly cooked just by looking at it. Also ensure to keep uncooked items refrigerated. This includes poultry and eggs.



When packaging baked goods, you should wrap each item individually in Saran Wrap. Once wrapped place each individual baked good in a separate bags. The bag could be a brown paper bag, ziplock, or others. You can check this protocol with your local organization incase their instructions differ. 

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