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BAKE: It could be as simple as buying a box brand or as complex as your old family recipes. Basic food safety and health protocols should always be followed. You can find them HERE. You can also find suggested recipes linked HERE


BREAK the silo: Identify where you can bring those baked goods to those most in need of them including: homeless shelters, soup kitchens, hospitals, barber shops, and nonprofits.


BROADCAST: Our only objective here is to inspire others to engage. Take a picture of where you brought your baked goods. Doing so might inform others to do the same. Document your experience and what you’ve learned. Send it in and/or tag us. NOTE: This act is by no means meant to exploit anyone’s unfortunate situation or to brag. Rather my hope is to open up more engagement, inform others of organizations in need and highlight additional ways to connect. 


BUILD:  A culture changes not by the way we feel but by the actions we take. Therefore, our objective is growth and sustainability. Continue to bake. Invite a friend to do the same. When you get on this road the story that unfolds can change your life.

Send in Photos

If you have a recipe suggestion, are a baker, a nonprofit, a family in need, or for general inquiries, contact us!

Thanks for submitting!

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