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Bake People Happy

The art of baking. The act of inclusion.

Bake People Happy aims to break silos, connect diverse populations and fight food insecurity on a personal level through the simple act of baking. But that is just the beginning. Through hand delivering your baked goods to organizations aiding underserved communities, we will begin a process of change, inclusion, and connectedness.

If you cannot feed 100 people, then just feed 1- Mother Teresa


BAKE: It could be as simple as buying a box brand or as complex as your old family recipes. 


BREAK the silo: Identify where you can bring those baked goods to those most in need of them including: homeless shelters, soup kitchens, hospitals, barber shops, and nonprofits.


BROADCAST:  inspire change. Take a picture of you baking, what you baked, and if possible where you brought your baked goods. Write a sentence or two on your experience. Send it in and/or tag us. Send us your photos HERE


BUILD:  A culture changes not by the way we feel but by the actions we take. Therefore, our objective is growth and sustainability. Continue to bake and inspire others to do the same. 

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Video celebrating 7,000 donations


"You stepped in to help at a difficult time and have continued your commitment to support those in need"

Sheri Cantor, Mayor of West Hartford, CT

New Expansions Coming Soon


New York

Golden Gate Bridge


Image by weston m


If you have a recipe suggestion, are a baker, a nonprofit, a family in need, or for general inquiries, contact us!

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